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Please, pay attention to the following instructions that will easily guide you through your purchase. Our eShop is a bit untraditional but we believe you will choose items for both your collection and everyday use from what we offer.

Instructions for ordering from the Intercamp 2016 eShop:

  1. To put in an order, you need your group ID / IST ID. You received it from the registrations team when you registered your group/IST.
  2. The order is binding once it is sent and all ordered items must be paid for.
  3. The items will be paid by and handed over to the troop leader only at the event at the Infotent at latest 14 May 2016 (Saturday) to 9:00 p.m.
  4. It is possible to pay for the items in EUR or CZK.
  5. In case there will be only little interest in an item, it is possible it will not be produced.
  6. The deadline for putting in orders from the e-shop is 29 February 2016.
  7. At latest the second week of March, we will send an email to the troop leader with complete orders from all participants from their group. It is very important that the troop leader confirms this complete order to us until 31 March 2016. If the troop leader does not confirm the group order, your eShop order will be cancelled.
  8. Don´t hesitate to adress your questions or modifications of orders to eshop@intercamp2016.cz

We hope you will enjoy your purchase,

Intercamp 2016 eShop.


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